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(Pardon the boring video, homegirl hasn’t dropped anything official video-wise)

I may be a little late on the game, but this has been my running song for the last few weeks. I don’t dislike any of this little beam’s songs, vraiment ! The remixes are just as fantastic.

She’s only sixteen. SIXTEEN. She started writing music when she was twelve. TWELVE. Let me put that into perspective : I was playing with Skydancers whilst she was dropping mad beats. What a holy gem! Praise the Lorde, amen!


Let’s ignore the fact that saying this band name aloud makes us sound like a malfunctioning robot. I’ve been jamming this beat to the point of driving my neighbors mad. Additionally, I wouldn’t mind running into these gentlemen in a dark alley — where are the American boys who can pull this off? Holler @ a player!


PS, pals – I’m working diligently on getting my next writing post out to you, but my BFFE (best-f*cking-friend-ever) is coming for the weekend, and undoubtedly I’ll have loads of “How to Not Meet Men” stories to add to the list. Hang tight & I’ll keep you posted.

^^ Currently spinning this album on loop in my apartment. It looks like Sarah Silverman’s baby sisters answered the Kings of Summer flick. In any case, their woman brains made some catchy summer music.

^^ I’m sorry, Chris Brown, is there a better way to take “You look better when I can see less of you”? I can’t help but think you skimped on your electric bill and want to play it off as a compliment. Luckily, this jam is more catchy than venereal disease, so I’ll let it slide.