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(Pardon the boring video, homegirl hasn’t dropped anything official video-wise)

I may be a little late on the game, but this has been my running song for the last few weeks. I don’t dislike any of this little beam’s songs, vraiment ! The remixes are just as fantastic.

She’s only sixteen. SIXTEEN. She started writing music when she was twelve. TWELVE. Let me put that into perspective : I was playing with Skydancers whilst she was dropping mad beats. What a holy gem! Praise the Lorde, amen!


Let’s ignore the fact that saying this band name aloud makes us sound like a malfunctioning robot. I’ve been jamming this beat to the point of driving my neighbors mad. Additionally, I wouldn’t mind running into these gentlemen in a dark alley — where are the American boys who can pull this off? Holler @ a player!


PS, pals – I’m working diligently on getting my next writing post out to you, but my BFFE (best-f*cking-friend-ever) is coming for the weekend, and undoubtedly I’ll have loads of “How to Not Meet Men” stories to add to the list. Hang tight & I’ll keep you posted.